Saltdean Boot Sale Walk 

Date: Sunday 17th July
Time: 10am-4pm
Place: All over Saltdean! 

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On Sunday 17th July, many of us Saltdean residents will be hosting a fantastic day of table top sales outside our homes. Why not come along, enjoy a beautiful walk around the area and pick up some amazing bargains! Don't forget to check out our restaurants, pubs, Lido and beach too! This event is supporting The Alex Children's Hospital, NHS Brighton.


To help shoppers find the location of sellers, an online map is available.

This will be updated regularly before the day. 

"Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for your interest in the Saltdean Boot Sale Walk.

I'm Rachel and I'm a Saltdean resident.  I'm not part of a community organisation or anything like that.

I'm simply a local who loved last years boot sale so much,  that I decided to organise one for us all.

There is no charge for taking part and I'm giving my time for free. The only thing I ask is that people make a small donation to our local NHS fundraiser and do their bit to promote the event, so that everyone can have a successful day.

Happy selling!"

If you want to register as a seller ....
You need to be a Saltdean resident and have an area at the front of your home that you have permission to use
(eg front garden, drive way) . Sellers are responsible for setting up their own sale area. The more people you can get to sell in your area of Saltdean, the more likely shoppers are to visit you!

1. Please donate to our fundraiser, in support of the ALEX Children's Hospital, NHS Brighton 
Every penny, how ever small is greatly appreciated! 
Please donate here

2. Download the poster and get ready to promote!  
The success of this event is based on us all promoting it together. Please tell your friends and neighbours, stick up posters and spread the word online. A poster is attached for you to download.
Click here 2 download poster

3. Please follow the event page on FaceBook.
This is the best way to keep updated with the event news, advertise your sales and pick up tips! 
Visit FaceBook Page

4. Please complete and send this form.  The cut off date for registration is  9th July! 


As Saltdean is a big place, some of the past Boot Sales have only focused on certain areas of Saltdean (eg West)  but as so many of you have shown an interest and mentioned that you were planning on hosting a table top sale anyway,  i've opened it up for everyone. This does mean  though that some areas may find it more challenging to attract shoppers than others, especially if it is a long walk to your home.

Here are some suggestions that may help you attract shoppers...

  • Get your whole street to participate. This way you have a better chance of attracting more shoppers!

  • Sell some AMAZING items and promote them online. It doesn't just have to be unwanted stuff.Artists and creators are also welcome to sell their designs. You can even use it as a day to promote your business. It's totally up to you!

  • Become a promoter for your area of Saltdean and send people to this website for all the information.

  • Join forces with a friend who has a stall in a more central location.

  • Print out the event poster and put a copy in your front window, or at your place or work.

  • Put up balloons or bunting and make your property stand out.

  • Make a real day of it and combine the sale with a street get together!

Don't forget to have some cash on the day!
An online google sellers map is below!

Sellers map

This map shows the location of all of our sellers, so that shoppers can plan their route. Simply bring your phone on the day and let our google map show you the way!
More sellers are being included on a regular basis.


  • Please zoom in to search for sellers locations.

  • Click red icons to view sellers addresses and view their items for sale.

  • Click the square icon, top left to view a full list of participants.

Don't forget to visit our sellers who are further out, or don't have so many sales in their area!

You never know where you might find an amazing bargain and we have some wonderful views all over Saltdean!